tracie rabago photography | About
I have always loved taking pictures. It started even before my high school yearbook teacher gave me free range with the school camera. It carried into my days of working in an newsletter? Heck yes it needs photos! I'll do it!

Then, I became a Mom. Gas money was scarce in those early days of parenthood but I always managed to scrape up cash to get that film developed. Then, my obsession got worse. I became a scrapbooker. My poor kids!

So it just makes sense for me to be a professional (in the loosest sense of the word) photographer and take the pressure of being photographed off of my family and drive yours crazy!

Actually, I seem to be silly about this job of mine but I do take it seriously. Great photos are priceless. I would love to be the one capturing great photos for your family.

My name is Tracie Rabago. I am a photographer in the West Salem area. I work on location with natural lighting. I love to travel and will do so if that is what the "job" requires. I love to laugh, spend time with family and friends and enjoy great coffee.

I also love meeting new people...can hardly wait to meet you!