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September weddings are amazing.  It's a great time of the year to be married.  It brings a new season, lots of sunshine and warm afternoons.  This day could not have been better.  Thank you, Tara and Joe!  Muah!  Keep on kissing! 

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Hail the Conquering Graduate! Graduation season is just around the corner.  Are you ready?  I know that Craig Johnson is!  Craig is a Conquering Graduate of the Class of 2012 from Corban University.  I had the pleasure of photographing him for his graduation portraits a few weeks ago.  We spent an hour of a warm, sunny afternoon on the campus of Corban taking photos of him "over by this tree" follow me over here..."stand like this"..."smile"..."okay no smile"...poor Craig!  But hey, he survived and so did I (barely though, I almost pushed him over the edge with my..."oh just one more").  Next year, Craig will be on to Portland State to continue his education.   As if the dude wasn't inspiring enough, given his own mild case of Aspergers and Autism and nailing down a bachelors degree, he plans to have a career in helping children (and their parents) who function with the same conditions that he has struggled with through out his life.  Well done, Craig, well done! 

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Livin' the dream!  

"Slowly realizing that one is walking around in a state of perpetual fear/excitement/oh-sweet-baby-jesusness is the cost of following one's dreams."

I didn't write it but I wish that I did.  I could have if my ADHD would have let me think for just 2 minutes longer...squirrel!

That being said, this quote sums up many of my thoughts and feelings these days.  About various things, too, not just pertaining to my business.  It just about sums up my life.  Things are always changing around our house.  Sometimes they come in fast swoops, where you just don't know what hit you.  Sometimes they are brought on slowly and before you know it, life is not what it used to be.  It's all good, though.  This is what it's all about.  Rolling with the tides and paddling faster when you need and sitting back to relax and soak up the sunshine when you can is what makes the ride manageable and enjoyable.  The simple fact about all of this, the meaning behind this brilliant quote, is that you are supposed to feel this way.  This state of being is a good thing!  This is so comforting to me. 

It's obvious to understand why this thought is fitting for my work.   (Well, for me it's obvious.)  It's tough to be creative under pressure and really tough to work in a field where there is always something new to learn and someone else who knows way more than you!  I second guess myself all of the time.  I get excited then nervous then excited all over again.  But, I love that!  How cool is it to have so many opportunites to get better at your work?  That's cool to me!  How rewarding to get an end result that you can be proud of when you questioned yourself as to if you even had it in ya to pull it off?!   I freakin' love that! That is what keeps me coming back for more! 

This quote is also very fitting for me on a personal note.  (Not that my work isn't personal, because believe me, it is!)  I come from a very large family.  My husband and I have created a very large family.  This is our dream.  It is what we have always wanted.  We love the "rollercoaster", as Gil's grandmother in Parenthood so brilliantly described the thrill of parenthood.  Life with a big family has it's ups and downs, twists and turns. It can change on a dime.  You are constantly putting yourself out there, in a state of perpetual fear/excitement/oh-sweet-baby-jesusness, with your family members.  Giving yourself and sometimes taking more than you give.  But, I am lucky.  In my family, the cycle goes around and around.  We all take turns giving and taking.  It cycles around and we love each other for just that.  

My family has many challenges coming.  It's true.  We also have many, many good times to have!  I am here for the ride and hanging on tight!

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Urban Cowboy, My Hero. I lost a lens cap yesterday.  I hate that.  Dumb.  It was from my new 50 mm, too.  I was taking pictures with Kimber and Kyla in the field next to Straub Middle School in West Salem when I lost it.  So if you are milling around in that field and stumble across my lens cap or you are totally desperate and needing something to do and decide to go look for it, I would greatly appreciate its return. 

But somehow, the fact the the kitchen is clean and Urban Cowboy is on T.V., all is right with the world.  Pathetic, I know.  :)

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Oh Happy Wednesday! I will be spending the day with this little girl.


Which means, that I will have a very Happy Wednesday!  I hope that you do, too!

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The Leppin Farm on the Hill My sister, Heidi and her other half, Guy Leppin, just bought a 30 acre farm.  Oh yeah, you heard what I said...they bought a freaking FARM!  Do you have any idea what this means?  Bonfires, berries to pick, frogs to catch and the list of shenanigans go on and on.  It is an exciting time for the both of them and so cool to watch them unfold their dream right before our eyes. 

We went out on Sunday mid morning to visit their new chicks.  They are just a few weeks old and soft and fuzzy. 

The peaches are just blossoms now.  Not sure how long it will be but someday, these little trees will bear the fruit that will add to the cause of my double chin.

If you had a pair of binoculars and the desire, you could veer past the magnolia tree and look southwest right in to the bedroom of Nett and Dan Chasse.  I think that this is why Heidi and Guy bought the property.  I really, really do.

Serenity now...after that last thought

...serenity now.

The barn and future home of piglets and cows, or breakfast and dinner as I refer to them.

I am told that Heidi and Guy have many butterfly bushes on their property.  These are said to attract hummingbirds.  Until the weather warms up and the little birdies appear for reals, this one will do.  The koi pond has six koi swimming around in there. 


We headed down to the barn where we quickly determined that, The Leppin Farm on the Hill barn must have a rope swing hanging from the rafters.  "What? You want a rope swing?"  says Ma"Guy"ver..."you got it!"  Careful, there Ma"Guy"ver, careful...

My beautiful Kimmie J.

Since Heidi and Guy just bought this place, they have much to do...which means, time for us to leave.  Actually, Kimber had basketball games to play.  However, we will drink cold adult beverages on their porch and watch them work.  ;) 

Heidi and Guy, we love you guys and are so very happy for you both!

Heidi does have a blog to keep up with their adventures, check it out...

Until the next time...carry on and CHEERS!


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